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Its official!  I am a blogger. I am continuously hearing that blogging is such a vital role in a public relation professional’s career. I used to doubt the importance of blogging. After only being in school for a month studying public relations, I am realizing how much blogging can enhance your writing skills. It forces you to be full of knowledge about a variety of subjects and forces you to have opinions, instead of floating by in the world.

I never really understood what you were supposed to blog about and I am not sure I have found my blogging niche, but I am excited to begin my experience in the blogging world. I love that I am gaining unlimited amounts of information every day, whether I am in class or reading the news paper or talking to all the new people I am meeting.

I know it is going to be hard to obtain a job within in the NFL, but I am ready. I am ready to put in the hours, dedication and get the knowledge I need to succeed in this specific industry. I have never been happier than I am at this point in my career/educational transition and I hope to find my personal blogging style and topics which I feel comfortable expressing my opinion on. I now know blogging is such a powerful medium and I hope this blog will enhance my writing and communication skills for my future!

Switching my major last year from psychology to public relations was THE best decision I have ever made. I am beyond excited to go to class and learn new information about my future profession. I love the students, professors and professionals I have met so far in the short amount of time I have been learning about PR. I joined PRSSA to further enhance my experience and opportunities in the PR world. (The National Conference in November 6th-10th in San Diego, California and I am so excited to go!!) The opportunities to learn and grown in this field are endless and I cannot wait to continue my journey throughout this upcoming year.